Social media recruitment, is this the way of the future?

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Recruiting a new member of staff has always been a daunting, expensive but essential task in every business. For a lot of small businesses recruiting a new member of staff can become a very expensive process and recruitment advertising accounts for a large percentage of the cost. Using social media as an advertising tool to recruit new staff members can reportedly save your business 20-30% of the overall recruitment costs. With millions of online people using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to look for jobs it is easy to tell why so many businesses are using these methods to find the right candidate. Utilising these fields effectively and using the right methods can turn the process into a more time and cost efficient procedure.

Following the traditional recruitment stages are essential, but at the first stages a lot of businesses choose to do this through social media. LinkedIn even has a jobs section as part of their website which allows users to advertise and look for vacant positions. Increasing trends show that there are many professionals who are looking for jobs that prefer using these methods rather than replying to newspaper, leaflet and flyer job advertisements.

With the current downturn in the economy there are still businesses looking to take on new staff, this is shown on a previous article from ourselves.  However, you still need robust policies, and to take the right steps, as all these are essential whilst recruiting.

Recruiting is not a simple task, there are procedures to follow and forms to complete during the process which prove that you, as the employer have been fair, and avoid any claims of discrimination. Some of these include:

  • Equal opportunity monitoring
  • Person specification
  • Job specification
  • Application forms to accompany a CV
  • Obtaining references
  • Interview rating

These documents and associated practices not only give you the advantage as an employer to pick the best candidate but can also protect you from discrimination claims, at the same time showing any potential employee that you run a proffesional firm.

Does your business need advice and guidance when recruiting? With our services we will provide you with the correct documentation to match your business. We will take you from the early stages of recruitment right the way through to the termination of an employee. We will always ensure that you are doing the right thing.

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