Summer sun is set to scorch employees

Summer sun is set to scorch employees

It seems the summer has finally arrived…!

With the temperatures beginning to rise some weather forecasts have predicted that this summer has a 25% chance of being the hottest on English record.

After heatwave at the start of July 2015 employers have reported receiving complaints and even requests to leave work due to the heat. Employees often claim that there is legislation against allowing employees to work in scorching temperatures; however, the law holds as ‘reasonable’ stance on maximum workplace temperatures, stating no maximum workplace temperature.

The rules about minimum workplace temperatures state that the working environment should be at least 16°C where work is sedentary and 13°C where the work involves some sort of physical effort.

This said, complaints about heat should be taken seriously, especially for those who might be more severely influenced by the temperature, such as the elderly or pregnant women. As employers have a duty of care to protect their employees you should be taking reasonable precautions to make the working environment more comfortable, for example, by increasing ventilation or allowing more frequent or extended breaks.

Although employees only have the right to vacate work due to the temperature when there is a “serious and imminent” danger to their health, you should be protecting their wellbeing at work. For more guidance on your individual workplace please contact your HR Consultant who can advise you further.

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HR Management Training Day – 23rd September in Cannock

HR Management Training Day – 23rd September in Cannock

To provide delegates with an insight into dealing with performance management, appraisal, attendance management, discipline and grievance.

We only have a few places left – please contact us before they go!

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