How social media can have a negative effect on business

Social Media, a rapid new tool which can be used in many different ways. Social networking has become another mean of how people choose to communicate and share information about their personal lives. Using social media in the correct way, such as for marketing purposes can have huge advantages for business owners and has proved to be a very effective tool.

Social networking when used incorrectly can have a detrimental effect on a business including matters such as brand reputation and work ethic. There are a number of cases in which employees using social networking sites on a personal basis whilst at work, getting caught, and the employer taking disciplinary action against them.

A well documented case was an employee working for Apple who wrote a statement on his personal Facebook profile, his comments were very negative and placed Apple in a bad light. Due to the employees privacy settings the employer had access to the comment, due to the negative nature of these, the employer viewed the comments as damaging to the companies reputation. Subsequently the employee was dismissed, a tribunal was brought against Apple however because they had a Social Media policy in place the tribunal found against the employee.

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