Featured: Did your Christmas party leave you with a HR headache?

HR is not something to ignore until a problem comes up; if you are prepared and plan ahead, you can prevent problems from arising in the first place, which will help you avoid unnecessary hassle.


Happy New Year! How was your office party? Have you been suffering with a Human Resources headache ever since your bash?

Office parties can be a real source of problems for businesses in the UK and as you may be discovering, those problems can spill over into the New Year. That’s not how you wanted to start 2019, is it?

From employees missing work the day after the party, to inappropriate images on social media and employees airing grievances after a few too many drinks; what’s supposed to be a celebration of your hard work can leave you with a horrible HR hangover.

Some businesses view HR as something only for big companies or is something they worry about after an incident.

All businesses, regardless of whether they employ three people or 300,000 people, need to take HR seriously.

It affects many aspects of your business and if you have a proper HR strategy in place it can save you money, reduce issues between employees, help you avoid tribunals and improve productivity.

Ensuring your employees understand your policies and the consequences of ignoring them will help them see that the procedures protect both them and the business they work for and will make them less likely to behave inappropriately.

For example: sickness absence increases by 27% on average during the winter months, which increases the workload on staff still coming into work. The last thing you need is employees taking duvet days and increasing the strain on your staff.

We’ve all been there; it’s winter and it’s warm in your bed and a little voice says ‘go on, stay in bed.’

Your staff are less likely to listen to that little voice if they are aware of your sickness policy and know that they will be questioned if they call in sick and will be further scrutinised when they return to work.

As you may have experienced yourself, some of your employees may not get along with each other, which can be made worse in a competitive, sales-driven environment.

We all know that you can’t force everyone to get along but a good HR policy can help you manage an issue, make employees aware of how they are expected to behave and prevent things from escalating.

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