How do your payments work for Health & Safety?

August 16, 2011

Many similar companies will charge for Health & Safety based on your payroll figure – why?!

Health & Safety compliance should be based on the ability to become compliant regardless of whether a company has one or one million employees and needs to reflect the risks that exist for example a scaffolding company with four employees is obviously at far more potential risk than a travel agent with 20 employees.

SO – how do we at HELP charge for Health & Safety?  The answer is simple: on a daily rate.

First of all a qualified consultant will perform an appraisal of your premises and gauge the risk – how else can a fair estimate for future work be gauged. Future days are at our clients’ discretion but we do the work for you, not give you fancy books that sit on the MD’s shelf and you have to complete yourself – that is what you pay us for!

Once we have assisted in making you compliant you will have the option to have an annual visit and spread these costs over the year.

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