How to deal with employee pregnancy

February 7, 2012

Pregnancy is not an illness, however there are hazards in the workplace that if not managed effectively, may put pregnant employees, breast feeding mother or the unborn child at risk.

In all cases where a pregnant worker advises management of her pregnancy, a Pregnant Worker Questionnaire and a Pregnant Worker Assessment should be completed.  This is NOT a single event – it will need to be updated and modified at each trimester of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy needs to be dealt with in a serious manner, not only is the employee going to need time off work for maternity leave, but you have to assess the risks during the employees time at work, some of these risks are;

  • Manual handling
  • Physical fatigue
  • Computer work
  • Drugs
  • Chemical agents

All of these factors need to be considered whilst assessing the pregnant employee, if the employee has an accident at work because the employer hasn’t followed procedure then there could be fatal consequences.

Morning sickness and constantly going to the toilet will decrease the employees work rate, dexterity, agility, co-ordination, speed of movement, reach, may all be impaired due to increasing size.

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