Do you have a mentally healthy workplace?

March 29, 2019 

Does your organisation promote a culture of openness and support? Are employee’s able to talk about problems?

At least one in 6 experience common mental health problems (Mind). Employees with mental health problems may have frequent short term absences from work or may be absent for long periods. Mental Health illness can also have a detrimental impact on performance and productivity.

What can impact on mental health? Some examples include:
• Postnatal depression
• Bereavement
• Debt / Money problems
• Relationship breakdown
• Post Trauma
• Illness
• Conflict at work
……to name a few.
What can you do to help?

Studies show that 25% of workers feel their job negatively affects their mental health (CIPD). Good communication is key. The ability to spot signs of mental health problems amongst employees is a crucial part of a manager’s role. It may be that an employee simply needs someone to talk to or confide in, they may need signposting to their GP, support groups that can provide additional help, or counselling.

Engage the services of Occupational Health to provide recommendations for the company when assessing what measures can be put in place.
Employee Assistance Programmes offer employee’s the opportunity to discuss problems they have confidentially which may mean they are able to deal with these before they become a more serious issue.

By making the workplace a happy one you can reduce employee absences and staff turnover. Consider ways of improving employee engagement, team building events, redecorating the offices, creating a staff canteen area.

Manage employee workload, ensure they are not struggling with demands of the role. Encourage a fair work/life balance, implement a flexible working approach if possible. Ensure staff take their annual leave entitlement and have some time away from the workplace to relax.
Look out for internal issues as act on these. If a member of staff is causing problems for others in the workplace deal with this promptly.
Make any changes possible to help the employee, this may be something as simple as adjusting the time they take their lunch break.
Remember that every employee is individual and will react differently so always tailor your approach.
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