The Hay-fever Hangover

December 14, 2011

1.3 Million Hay Fever Sufferers In The UK Will Be At Work With The Symptoms Of A Hangover

  • Workers with hay fever feel ‘hungover’ at work – despite not drinking

The worst time in the hay fever calendar – mid-June – 25% of sufferers will feel sluggish and sleepy, enduring headaches as they struggle through the day.

A poll conducted by Lloyds pharmacy reveals that around 1.3million hay fever sufferers in the UK will be at work with the symptoms of a hangover. Chris Frost, head of Medicines for Lloyds pharmacy commented: “Many people suffering from a bout of hay fever suffer symptoms like dehydration, irritability, drowsiness and nausea – very reminiscent of the after effects of an over enthusiastic night on the tiles. Combined with the dry, sore eyes that characterise hay fever, trying to focus on work can be almost impossible”.

A key contributor to the hay fever hangover effect is the antihistamine medication taken by many sufferers which is likely to make around a quarter of them drowsy and slow off the mark.

The after-effects of the medication seem to have more of an effect on female workers: the ‘hay fever hangover’ is more likely to be felt by twice as many women than men.

The ‘Hay Fever Hangover’ can cause many disruptions within the workplace with employees being accused and disciplined by employers for having a ‘Hangover’ If you suspect that an employee is hungover before taking any formal disciplinary, talk to the employee and investigate the problem.

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