What is the best way to deal with unhappy employees?

February 16, 2013

Are your employees’ moans and groans like the common cold?  Hard to shake off and preventing you from concentrating on the day to day business?

It’s not difficult to understand why employees’ morale may be on the low side given the tough economic times we face but this can have an adverse effect on a manager’s ability to get the job done. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on the bottom line and profitability of your business (CIPD Research…..)

When resources are tight they have to be prioritised but in my opinion, employers often under-estimate the hidden costs of underlying workplace conflicts and subsequent low morale. If these are not tackled straightaway and nipped in the bud such issues can linger which, once they grab hold, become like the common cold.

The symptoms can be numerous, present in differing ways and hard to shake. Colds, rather like employee complaints, can easily spread and if you do nothing to remedy these symptoms and the causes, others will inevitably be affected. Notwithstanding these efforts made to treat a cold, the symptoms will keep coming back in some form or other much to your annoyance, until the underlying causes and not just the symptoms are resolved.

Have you noticed a pattern to these complaints? If there is an identifiable trend to the complaints you may be ideally positioned to deal with these issues although I would advise you to raise them with your employees at a suitable time. Set out the Company’s position and dispel any rumours and/or misconceptions rather than waiting until a grievance is raised. This is where it is best to strike whilst the iron is hot!

If you delay until you are compelled to act the issue is likely to have escalated, spilling over to other areas of your workforce resulting in a more extensive grievance investigation which places a far greater strain on time and resources. You may also lose the opportunity to deal with the issue on an informal level.

The human resources support offered by Honest Employment Practice Limited focuses on the employee relationship and we are there to make your life easier so you can get on with running your business. So if your employees are having a moan then pick up the phone. We’re here to HELP.

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