Schedule of Service

  1. Creation of Written Statements of Terms and Conditions of Employment.
  2. Creation of tailored Employee Handbooks.
  3. Implementation of effective and easy-to-use HR / Personnel Systems.
  4. Unlimited one-to-one professional advice on all Employment Law issues, 24-hours a day.
  5. Production of personnel letters to meet all circumstances.
  6. Advise of any changes to UK/EU law and practical advice on implementation.
  7. Available on request, a training package tailor made to your requirements.
  8. Supplementary information and on-site visits as required.
  9. Preparation in respect of any Employment Tribunal Claim.
  10. Potential Barrister Representation at Tribunal.

The Last point and most importantly. You, the client, have the right to cancel your agreement and payment with us AT ANY TIME! We do not entrap our clients into long term agreements that they cannot get out of WHY SHOULD WE? – When you are happy with us you keep paying. Once you are ecstatic with us you refer our services to companies you know! Our principles are based on Trust and Honesty thus our name Honest Employment Law Practice Ltd.