How can HELP support a small business?

HELP offer a small business package that is aimed at the smaller budget and can be specifically tailored to your requirements.

Small Business Packages usually suit businesses with fewer than 7 employees who want the basics of compliance in place.

You will receive our support with  HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety for a full twelve months (reduction in the following years, dependent on usage)and at an affordable cost, giving you peace of mind should your business ever face an employment tribunal.

Contact us for more information on 01543 431050 or email enquiries@help.gb.com

“You need to have a fair management process. HELP is here to ensure you gain and retain control that every business owner should have”



How do your payments work for Health & Safety?

Many similar companies will charge for Health & Safety based on your payroll figure – why?!

Health & Safety compliance should be based on the ability to become compliant regardless of whether a company has one or one million employees and needs to reflect the risks that exist for example a scaffolding company with four employees is obviously at far more potential risk than a travel agent with 20 employees.

SO – how do we at HELP charge for Health & Safety?  The answer is simple: on a daily rate.

First of all a qualified consultant will perform an appraisal of your premises and gauge the risk – how else can a fair estimate for future work be gauged. Future days are at our clients’ discretion but we do the work for you, not give you fancy books that sit on the MD’s shelf and you have to complete yourself – that is what you pay us for!

Once we have assisted in making you compliant you will have the option to have an annual visit and spread these costs over the year.



How do your payments work for Employment Law?

We base our payments on your staff headcount and your existing arrangements for example the existence and standard of current contracts of employment, the existence of current qualified staff and any tribunal history etc.  As our services are on your terms and a monthly retainer that can be ceased with one months notice we do ask for an initial payment to cover our work upfront – nothing horrendous but a fair fee for a lot of work!


Do I need a fire risk assessment?

The effects of a fire can be devastating in terms of lives lost, injuries and damage to property.  Fires also cost money and it is estimated that up to 80% of businesses never fully recover from a serious fire. Most fires are preventable and can be avoided by those responsible for commercial buildings taking responsibility for and adopting fire safe behaviours and procedures.

In order to ensure that greater responsibility is taken by those in charge of commercial properties the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has been introduced. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 the person responsible for the commercial premises MUST arrange for the completion of a fire safety risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire management plan. If the organisation employs more than five people the findings of the assessment MUST be recorded.

We are here to HELP with your fire safety risk assessments and fire management plans in order to satisfy the statutory requirements and HELP keep your business safe.

All of the health and safety consultants here at HELP are experienced fire risk assessors and have completed the NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management.


What are your terms?

We pride ourselves in our service and as such do not entrap our clients within 3-5 year agreements that it is impossible to cancel. We believe that if you offer a great service you keep your customers because they do not want to leave you but keep enjoying the fact that they have full Employment Law and Health & Safety support at a fraction of the cost of paying full time staff.  So all of our services are on our client’s terms whereby they can cancel at any time and for whatever reason with no argument.


When can I cancel?

Whenever you want to – there is no contractual obligation or formal agreement.  We will tailor make an employment law, HR or Health & Safety package that suits your needs and is on your terms and once you are happy with our proposal we welcome you on board until you wish to cease the arrangement. Simple but so effective in acquiring and retaining customers – the old fashioned way of working:  we have to be good at what we do!